Girls Softball vs Afton

    Tell you what, I consider by skills at taking softball or baseball photoís marginal. Iím usually looking where the action isnít, or in case of a high fly ball hit to our outfield, Iím a spectator when I should be taking a picture. In the last few years when CJís pitching our defense doesnít have a lot to do, as most the opposing batters are intimidated and just wave at the ball as it goes by. So, photos of our defense at work are few because the opposition canít hit what Ms. Johnson is serving them. Everyone said after the Afton loss ďkeep your chins up, youíve nothing to be ashamed ofĒ. Well thatís certainly true, and Iím also certain the team isnít ashamed of themselves for any loss, maybe temporarily peeved they didnít win, but no way ashamed. So hang in there ladies, you did a super job all year and were all proud of you!

Thought we had a run, but nope, it was 2 outs and the hitter got thrown out at first.

Photos by Otto.