Boys Varsity basketball vs Franklin Purple Devils


   We were down a huge amount of points half way through the second quarter. By games end the panthers tied it up causing a four minute overtime. We lost by three, but the Panther comeback was the best I have ever witnessed anywhere.

   Brenden gets it in before he lands in no-mans land.

   Shane Smith puts it up.

   Brenden looking for help.

   Garret Lum in a crowd.

   Who's got it?

   A rebound duel.

   A lot of hands in the air.

   5th and 6th grade coach Rick Graham gets his players lined up for the half time show.

   Camden puts it up in front of his 3rd and 4th grade coach Mr King.

   Derek plays defense to his brother Preston.

   Justin Nicolosi puts the ball up.

   A battle.

   Derek Bowen takes second place on this rebound.

   Parker Robinson gives us two points on this try.

   Justin goes for two.

   Parker with the rebound.

   Parker goes for two more.

Photos by Otto.