Burlington Flats NY, 5/27/13

   I love a parade. It's the American way, sunshine, little kids having fun, the good smells coming from the barbeques along the route, the drummers beat making me stand taller and making me glad I'm here today. Our men and women that fought for our freedom in foreign lands are here, and were it not for them we might be marching to a drum beat not of our making.

Thank you for your service gentlemen!

These are the people that save our bacon when were in trouble.


Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Barbara Finley.

A wreath for the Gold Star Mothers.

Flanders Field with Arissa Bolton and Thomas Bennett.

Words of Rememberance with Art Klinger.

We love a good parade.

Ethan Harris sings God Bless America.

Lauren Miller gives the Gettysburg Address.

Abe speaks a few words. Must be hot in all that black stuff.

Benjamin Miller gives the Senior Adress.

Photos by Otto Graham