Burlington Flats NY, 5/26/14

   I love a parade. It's the American way, sunshine, little kids having fun, the good smells coming from the barbeques along the route, the drummers beat making me stand taller and making me glad I'm here today. Our men and women that fought for our freedom in foreign lands are here, and were it not for them we might be marching to a drum beat not of our making.

Scoopin the horse poop.

Master of Ceremonies Mr Bob Benjamin. On Bob's right is Chris Gibson, Tea Party rep from the Hudson Valley lookin for votes.

Pastor Sandy Shear gives the Invocation.

Cathy Mayne laying the Gold Star Mothers Wreath.

Avery Bolton and Carly Bond recite Flanders Field.

Rick Graham with words of rememberance.

Memorial Day thanks.

Ethan Harris sings "God Bless America".

Ryan Volpe with the Gettysburg Address.

Amanda Gelatt gives the senior address.

Paul Eckert with a dedication prayer for the veterans.


Photos by Otto Graham